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Namasthe. I’m giving professional astrology solutions to people for the past fifteen years. I give only simple remedies only. I give everything in written form which you can keep for yourself for future use. We post about simple astrological question’s which people ask regularly. Do read them. Feel free to ask questions.

Know about the qualities of Navagraha !

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This is the birth chart of 2021. Kanya Lagna, Sun Mercury are in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer, Guru Sani in
Hai, As per your details you born in Libra ascendant, Saturn in 5th have place Aquarius. Aquarius is the own
As per the details you are born in Gemini ascendant, Mars sitting in fourth house Virgo. Mars is the Lord
Thanks for asking. As per your details, you were born in the libra ascendant, Kethu, in 5 th place, Exalted
Original question: What will happen if there is a parivartan yoga between Mars in the 3rd house and moon in
As per your details you born in Gemini ascendant, Sun Venus Mercury and Saturn in 6 th house scorpio. For
Yes, its the best place for sun.Sun gets more powerful in 10 th place. 10 th sun gives willpower, Vedic
Rishabam (Tarus)
As per your details native born in Taurus ascendant, Mercury, Rahu, Venus, Sun and moon in 7 th House. 7
You didn't mention ascendant so i will give some details generally.If native is Male native will gets lot of benefit
US president election is going to be held in November 3. This is the horoscope of November 3. If we
Kadakam (cancer)
As per your details you born in Cancer ascendant, 7 Lord Sani in his own house, and exalted Venus in
Hai, You didn't mention about ascendant. So I will give some prediction generally. Benefit will varry according to the ascendant.
Kadakam (cancer)
Hi, As per your details you born in Cancer ascendant, Lagna Lord Moon is in 8th house with Saturn. Saturn
Hi, As per your details you born in Cancer ascendant, Lagna Lord Moon is in 8th house with Saturn. Saturn
Hai,Let me try to explain it simply.Rule no 1:-For earning from land Mars should very powerful. Mars should be in
Hai, As per your details Capricorn ascendant, Sani is in 6th palce Gemini. Sani is Lagna Lord which is in
Sevvai (mars)
Mars is for Siblings, power, courage, lands, security force like army & police, real estate business & strength of body.Kethu
Dhanus (Sagittarius)
Hai,Sagittarius ascendant. Saturn in 11th House Libra.Sani is the Lord of 2 & 3. House 2 indicates income, family life,
Hi, According to your details you born in Aquarius ascendant, Guru +Moon+Rahu in 2nd house, Kethu in 8th, Mars in
Kadakam (cancer)
Hi,As per your details you are belong to Cancer ascendant, 7th & 8th Lord Saturn in sixth house Sagittarius.If seventh

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