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Individual Prediction Full

Three questions, House Prediction


Consultation for a Person has following details included in Predictions.

Also ask your important questions to me while consulting. 

All 12 house predictions (Education, Career and Marriage)


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House Prediction


Starting a new office? Hotel? Starting a construction project or building a new house? or faciing problems in your existing property? Get consultation and simple remedies from us along with basic construction diagram for your new property. In one package you will get

  1. Construction diagram
  2. Date for construction of new house.
  3. Vastu corrections if needed

₹ 999

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Business Prediction

Starting a new business? Want to go for loan? Planning to open a partnership firms?

If your facing these questions we have solution for you. Give us your horoscope and few days we will clear every question you have in areas such as

  1. Which field of business to choose?
  2. When to obtain loan.
  3. To go for partnership or individual
  4. Will Family business work out?
  5. Best date to start the business.
  6. And more…

All questions in one package.

₹ 999

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Clear all your Doubts

My predictions cover all houses,
Important dashas and your questions.