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Namasthe. I’m giving professional astrology solutions to people for the past seventeen years. I give only simple remedies only. I give everything in written form which you can keep for yourself for future use. We post about simple astrological question’s which people ask regularly. Do read them. Feel free to ask questions.

Know about the qualities of Navagraha !

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Cancer ascendant Guru Sun-Mercury and Rahu are in 12 th house Gemini. 12 th house indicates expenses, foot, foreign trip, Read more
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According to the sources I got, his Date of birth is 22-10-1964. Most of the politicians will not disclose their Read more
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As per news details this the horoscope of Taliban Captured Afghanistan. Vimsottari Dasa: Jup MD: 2017-10-16 - 2033-10-16 Antardasas in Read more
Aries :- For aries ascendant Saturn is the lord of 10 & 11th house, so if he is in Capricorn Read more
As per your details, Gemini ascendant, Sun Rahu, Mercury, and Venus are in the third house Leo; Guru is in Read more
Hi, As per your details, native-born in Taurus ascendant, Mars and Sani are in 7 th house Scorpio. Mars has Read more
Thanks for your approach. As per your details, Leo ascendant, Guru, is with Sani and Mars in 9 th house Read more

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