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Namasthe. I’m giving professional astrology solutions to people for the past fifteen years. I give only simple remedies only. I give everything in written form which you can keep for yourself for future use. We post about simple astrological question’s which people ask regularly. Do read them. Feel free to ask questions.

Know about the qualities of Navagraha !

Recent Posts

Is Ketu and Moon conjunction in the 7th house bad for scorpio ascendant with retrograde Saturn in fourth?
As per your details your ascendant is Scorpio, Saturn is in 4 th house and Moon Kethu in 7 th
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Meena (Aquarius)
Efeecect of having 4 planets, Saturn, Venus, Moon and Mercury in the 5th house Gemini for an Aquarius ascendant?
As per your details your ascendant is Aquarius and Lagna lord Saturn is in 5 th place with Venus Moon
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What planetary combinations indicate a business in gold?
As per vedic astrology business is calculated by 10 th place. Gold comes under the influence of Guru . Venus
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What is the effect of the Rahu, Ketu, Shani and Mars conjunction?
This is my answer on quora. You didn’t mention ascendant so i will give some details generally. If Rahu Saturn
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2019 Election Predictions
I will try to give some astrological prediction about General Elections 2019.. First phase election was held in 11–4–2019. According
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Makara (Capricon)
Effect of Rahu, Venus and Mercury conjunction in 11th house for a Capricorn Ascendant
As per your details Capricorn ascendant, Rahu Venus Mercury combination in 11 th house Scorpio. Scorpio is not right place
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Effects of Ketu and Saturn in the 9th house for a cancer ascendant?
As per your details Cancer ascendant, Saturn Kethu in 9 th house Pisces. It will give a lot of trouble
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Who should not wear gold?
Original Question: According to the planetary placement in a birth chart, who should not wear gold? Guru represents Gold so
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Effects of Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in the 5th house of a Virgo ascendant
As per your details Virgo ascendant, Guru & Saturn in 5 th house Capricorn. Guru is the lord of 4
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Effect of Jupiter and Saturn combination in Aries Ascendant in birth chart
As per your details Aries ascendant, Guru and Saturn in the first house. Guru has the lordship of 9 &
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Results of Mars in the 7th house for a Tula Lagna (Libra Ascendant)
Original Question: What are the results of Mars in the 7th house for a Tula Lagna native? As per your details
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Personal Prediction: Femal born on 16-9-1998 am in Kuala Lumpur
Original Question: Girl born on 16.9.1998, 10.18 am in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Parents give her emotional pain(1) Will she complete
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Effects of Sun, Moon, Venus, and Ketu in the 5th house for Gemini Ascendant?
As per your details Gemini ascendant, Sun Moon Venus & Kethu are in 5 th house Libra. Venus is getting
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What is the effect of Venus and Mars in the 9th house with Saturn in Scorpio ascendant?
As per your details Scorpio ascendant, Lagna lord Mars is with Saturn and Venus in 9 th house Cancer. Native
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Leo Sign
Effects of the Sun Moon Saturn conjunction in the 3rd house of Leo ascendant?
As per your details Leo ascendant , Sun Moon & Saturn in 3 rd house Libra Sun got debilitation in
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What are the career opportunities for Virgo Lagna with Moon in 3th house, retrograde Saturn in 4th, Rahu in 6th,
As per your details Virgo Lagna, Moon in 3 rd place, Saturn in 4 th place, Rahu in 6 th
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Good and bad effects of Rahu Moon conjunction in 1st house of Virgo ascendant?
As per your details ascendant is Virgo, Rahu and moon in first place. Moon has the lordship of 11 th
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What are the results of Saturn Ketu conjunction in the 6th house in Libra Lagna. This conjunction will also occur
As per your details you born in Libra ascendant, 4 & 5 th lord Saturn is in 6 th place
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Leo Sign
What is the result of Rahu Mars and Saturn conjunction in the 6th house of a Leo ascendant?
As per your details Leo ascendant, Rahu Mars & Saturn in 6 th place. Mars has lordship of 4 &
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Effect of Rahu in the 10th house and Vargottama also
10 th Rahu is powerful one. Vargottama will increase the power of Rahu. Native will do more than two businesses.
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