Fifth house is for Kids, knowledge, higher studies, Fame, Religious activities & family properties.

Apart from all 5 th house indicates our previous janmas. If you did good karma you will gets good things if you did bad karma you will gets bad things. This is what our Hindu scripture tell to us. Knowledge or fame we can get according to previous janma. You can identify this from our birth charts. We can see somebody gets amazing knowledge in particular subject without any efforts .In other words He will seems like a born Genius. Its all coz of 5 th place only.

Guru in 5th house

If Guru is in 5 th place Native performed & practiced in Vedic . He did good karma in past. So native will gets Vedic knowledge, fame , honest, high social status & intellectual kids. You can see this in many horoscope.

Mercury in 5th House

Like wise if native has Mercury in 5 th house native practiced in Maths , Astrology & arts in previous janma. So he will gets amazing knowledge in Maths,Astrology & writing.

Venus in 5th House

If Native has 5 th Venus he practiced in Music , Arts & cinema in previous janma. So he will gets fame & proficiency in Drama, Movies & arts.

Moon in 5th House

If Native has 5 th Moon he did works in writing poems, thinking about human thoughts in previous janma. So he will gets amazing writing skills & human psychology. He can write poem without any hesitation.

Sun in 5th House

If Native has 5 th Sun he had experience in Ruling, Administration. So native has Ruling capabilities & amazing administrative skills by birth. In short we can say he is a born leader or Ruler.

Mars in 5th House

If native has Mars in 5 th place he had experience in war, using weapons & agricultural in previous janma. So native will gets Brave, proficiency in handling weapons & making war strategy. Agriculture alson can be done by him. In short he is a born Soldier .

Saturn in 5th House

If native has 5 th place Saturn he did works in public related things without any expectations. So in this janma he will gets support of people . This person knows the needs of people .He will gets the benefit from them.He can get more fame & praised by the people.

Kethu in 5th House

If Native has 5 th Kethu he did huge works in spiritual . So in this janma he will gets amazing spiritual knowledge & experience. But it will affects the progeny coz of Kethu. In this matter we should remember that Kethu will always give spiritual pleasure only not materialistic pleasure.

Rahu in 5th House

If Native has 5 th Rahu he did against of own religion & tradition. He engaged in speculation & smuggling in previous janma. So in this janma native will do against his family tradition & own religion. He is a expert in Speculation, gambling & smuggling.