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YOU BORN IN Taurus ascendant, lagna Lord Venus is with Sun Mercury, Guru in 10th place, Moon in 12th place, Kethu in lagna, Mars in 8th place, Sani in Second house, Rahu in 7th place.

According to your horoscope you are an intellectual person. Kethu in lagna so basically you are a spiritual seeker.

Venus in 9th place with Sun Mercury so you are a wealthy person.

10th Guru gives a good job career. Banking sector or judicial sector or educational sector will be suitable for you.

Your seventh Lord Mars is in 8 th place and seen by Sani so your family life will not be happy. You have misunderstanding and Conflict with your husband. You can’t get any pleasure from family life. Your money will be lost coz of him.

You have nice kids and having strong support of them.

According to dhasa, you might get married during 1992-1996.

Now guru dhasa is going till 2031. So you will get name, fame, wealth and successful career. Your kids are also settling their life.

All the best.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~