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Sagittarius ascendant. Saturn in 11th House Libra.

Sani is the Lord of 2 & 3. House 2 indicates income, family life, basic studies, eyes & seeking skills.

3rd House indicates sibling, friends, hobbies, immunity, proficiency & victory.

11th House indicates elder brothers and sisters, benefit & second marriage.

Now Sani in 11th place Libra which is exalt position for him.

During this period natives career will go up slow & steady. He will earn lot of money by his hardwork. His words will be accepted in society.

If native is a employee he will get promotion immediately. 19 years is golden period for him.

If native is doing own business he will get reasonable benefits. He has huge support of labourers. If he do people related business or steel related business he will get huge success.

All the best.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~