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Mars is for Siblings, power, courage, lands, security force like army & police, real estate business & strength of body.

Kethu is for separation, split, legal issues, spiritual aspirations and detachment.

Now we are going to the benefit of the Mars Kethu combinations for all 12 houses.

In 1st House.

Native will be a spiritual seeker by birth. If he is male he has separation and legal issues regarding family lands. If native is female she will have separation with her husband or legal issues with him.

In 2nd house:-

Family life will be affected. Native will create chaos inside the family by his firey speech. He will never hesitate to hurt all persons by his speech. It’s not good for family life.

In 3rd place :-

Native will have no younger Siblings. Even if he has health issues will hit them. Native is expert in spiritual life.

In 4th place. :-

Separation or legal issues with mother or her family members. Native will have obstacles to build new houses. He will stay another’s house which has lot of Vastu dhosa.

In 5th place :-

Native will have sever hurdles in getting of kids. If native is male he will get the properties of his Siblings. If native is female her husband has severe problems to give birth child. She will have his assets. Native will have successful spiritual career.

In 6th place:-

Native will be annoyed by blood related problems. Someone will have blood cancer. If native is male he has enmity and litigation with his Siblings. If native is female sure she will have separation or legal issues with her husband.

In 7th place:-

This is the place for marriage life, life partner and conjugal pleasure. If this combination in this place native married life will not go perfect. He has lesser feelings. If native is male he has detachment and dissatisfaction with his wife. He can’t satisfy her wishes. If native is female her husband will have lesser feelings may be he is a spiritual person. It may leads to divorce.

In 8th place:-

Its the place of longevity, secret place & diseases. So native will have secret disease or some issues in his inner parts. His family land will be lost. If native is female her husband will give torture or bad memories.

In 9th place:-

Separation with father and sibling. Native will be last son for his parents. Native will have pilgrimage on all holy places. Spiritual life will be very successful.

In 10th place:-

Lot of legal issues and problems in business career. Native will be a best spiritual trainer.

In 11th place:-

Will have obstacles in making profit. All his benefits will be devastated.

In 12th place:-

Native is male he will spend money for legal issues for his land. No use of Siblings. If native is female money will be lost of her husband. It will give secret affairs with divorced person or with widowed.

Excellent exposition of Mars Ketu conjunction. I can relate to the analysis very well as I have Mars and Ketu posited in the 2nd house of Virgo for the Leo ascendant.? I have running feuds with all members of my family and I am invariably at fault in each instance!

Can you throw light on Mars Mahadas
I have this Mars, Ketu and Venus conjunction in 4th house. ( Mars and Ketu are closer in degree) but I owe two apartments. Stays with my mother and not faced any legal issues till date. One need to check and analysis whole chart before makes prediction.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~