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As per your details Capricorn ascendant, Sani is in 6th palce Gemini.

Sani is Lagna Lord which is in sixth place. In This Sani dhasa native will be affected by some health issues. He should take care of his health.

Sani is the Lord of 2nd place so his family life will not be peaceful. Family members health may be affected or conflict with them will occur.

Native will struggle for earnings. Sometimes he can’t earn even for his Daily expenses. His eyes or eyesight will be affected. He will get quarrels coz of his speech.

In this category native should never try to start own business. If he do own money will be lost coz of labourers. He have to spend more money for them than the profit.

But Sani bagvan will gives good benefits and reasonable salery for hardworking people so you should neve give up your confidence. If you work hardly sure you will get reasonable benefits.

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Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~