Sun Kethu combination will gives some hard & toughest things to native. Sun is for Father, Paternal ancestors, Politics, Government , Management, Dignity, Fame , Head , Heart & Soul. Kethu is for Detachments, depression, conflicts, separation ,wisdom & legal issues.
If Sun Kethu conjunct in one house sure native has separation or conflicts with his father. Native has spiritual amazing spiritual experience. We can see the benefit of Sun Kethu combination according to the houses.
In 1 st place even native has great affection with his father he will not be satisfied by his father. Native will always think about spiritual life. Sometimes he will be suffered by severe headache.
In 2 nd house native family life will be affected by his father & his relations. Native will hurt everyone by his speech. At the same time native will get wealth of his father.
In 3 rd place it will affects the birth of younger brother or sister. Native is always facing some trouble in his every efforts. Native has proficiency in both politics & spiritual.
In 4 th house it will affects the health of his mother. His mother has strong Bhitru dhosa ( Curse from her father or paternal ancestors ). Native has faced legal issues regarding his house & lands.
In 5 th place native has strong Bhutra dhosa ( obstacles in getting of Kids ). He has to perform lot of vedic ritual & Dharpana for his paternal ancestors. Then only he can get kids. Native will get success in spiritual life.
In 6 th place it indicates strong & incurable Bhitru dhosa ( curse of father or paternal ancestors ). So he will get separation or enmity with his father. He will have legal issues with his father. Native will be suffered by heart issues. If there is any combination with Mars & Saturn sure native will have heart surgery. Sometimes native will be suffered by headache.
In 7 th place it will ruin the pleasure of married life. Native will not get any pleasure from his life partner. There is no peace of mind. Native life partner will be arrogant & stubborn.
In 8 th place it gives worst things. Native father will faces life threats. Native is also having life threat & suicide thoughts. Native will be suffered by mental depression. In his childhood native was tortured by his father.
In 9 th place it will affects the health & relationship of his father. Native is not going to get any mental support & financial support from his father. His father is also having Bhitru dhosa
In 10 th place native will faces lot of hurdles & issues in his career. If native do own business he will faces issues from government side. Native will have interest in politics. But politics is not suitable job for native.
In 11 th place native will gets some benefit & wealth from his father side but lesser than what he expect.
In 12 th place native will have separation with his father. Somebody will losses his father at his childhood. Native will squandere all his father’s property.
To avoid & reduce bad effects native will give Dharpana every year to father or paternal ancestors. Varanasi & Rameswaram is the best place for this ritual