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Dear Gemini known for intellectual mind and business.
This Saturn transmits from the seventh place of your zodiac to the eighth position of the field.

One must accept the fact that this Ashtama Saturn is a very difficult period.

Mentally there is a lot of stress and confusion. The elderly have many tribulations. Some may feel that they have reached the limits of suffering. But for those who are conscious of the fact that there is nothing permanent in this world of pleasure or suffering, this Ashtama Saturn is a good lesson.

For students: – Hard work period. Avoid choosing some difficult course sections. Do what’s easy for you. While the choices may not get the results you expected, there are some traumatic results. For job seekers, the job is to be a horse horn. Campus selections are all daytime dreams.

Owners: – Postpone new ventures for two and a half years. If you do not lend to anyone or make a bank recommendation, it will be a memorable experience for you. You need to focus on labor matters.

Staff: – Some people make sure to transfer like punishment transfer. Those who are waiting for the promotion to be in office for two and a half years. Sometimes the salary is too late.

Politicians: – Inadequate time to avoid an election. Your influence, whether in the party or in the people, will fall into the abyss. Opponents will give you a chance to defeat you. It is wise to take a temporary rest.

Farmers: – Even if it rains, there will be no yield and if there is a violation there will be no price. Disease attacks on crops, drought and water scarcity can cause loss of material. It is better to avoid cutting the well. Loss of attention to livestock matters may result.

Benefits of Saturn: –

Looking at the tenth spot by a third viewer can provide some relief, even if it does bring some professional damage.

Seeing the second place with the seventh view can bring family problems, loss of income and eye problems. For some it is good to work with the novel.

Looking at the fifth spot as a tenth view may pose some problems in the native property. Problems in children’s study Long-term childlessness is also possible for children.

Overall, though, this Ashtama Saturn gives many good lessons. Lord Saneeswara will be blessed to know the nature of those around you.

Worship: –
The worship of Vishnu on Saturday, the ritual of Sahasranama, the worship of Anjaneyars, especially the Sitarama Samadha Anjaneyar.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~