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Rahu is a planet for materialistic life. Kethu represents spiritual life.

So Rahu gives money, fame, covetousness, political influence, luxurious life, sexual pleasures and whatever pleasures in this world. According to the strength of Rahu, one person will get the benefit I mentioned above. If Rahu is dominant in one’s horoscope, surely that person will be materialistic, politically powerful and wealthy.

Kethu gives detachments, religious belief, spiritual activities, penance, self-realization, liberation from all desires & wisdom. According to the strength of Kethu, we can calculate one’s spiritual career. For example, if one person has a powerful Kethu in his horoscope sure that person will be a powerful spiritual personality.

If one person has Mars Kethu in Capricorn ascendant native will have a lesser interest in family life. If the native is male, he has legal issue or separation with his siblings. Even he has lot of lands he has loan or litigation on it. The native will be courageous & stubborn.

If the native is female, she will have separation or conflicts with her husband. If there is no view of Guru or Venus in first house native may have legal issues with her husband. She will get one part of the properties of her husband. She will not get any marital pleasures from her husband.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~