As per your detail Taurus ascendant, 8th & 11th lord Guru in 5th Libra.

Mostly Guru gives good thoughts, honest, devotion, self-respect, courage, social status & good children in fifth place.

So you have all benefits from Guru which I mentioned above.

But for Taurus ascendant Guru is the lord of 8th & 11 houses. If Guru dhasa starts native will squanders his ancestral properties. Even 8th lord in 5th place native will get kids during this period.

Guru has seen Lagna so natives will have good longevity.

Mostly Taurus ascendant people are willing to live a luxurious life, enjoying all material pleasures. But Guru will stop your enjoyment during his dhasa and making you realize what is good and what is permanent things in the world.

So you are very lucky to have Guru in 5th place.

All the best.