In my experience

  1. If kethu comes in childhood it will affects health.Studies are also affected.
  2. If Native has kethu dhasa at 18 marriage will delays. Love life will be affected.
  3. If Native has Kethu dhasa after marriage his family life will be affected. Conflicts , chaos, separation may occur. It gives detachment in family life.
  4. If Native has kethu dhasa at his middle of life it will affects the health & studies of kids. Native will faces so many crisis in career.
  5. If native has kethu dhasa at the end of life health will be badly affected. Someone may be abandoned or neglected by kids.
  6. Generally Health , business, studies are affected during Kethu dhasa.
  7. If Native is a spiritual personality it will be his Golden period. He will gets all answers in spiritual. He will gets wisdom (Gnana). He will gets clear in Vedic studies.
  • Benefits will differs according to your birth Chart.