Original Question:
Girl born on 16.9.1998, 10.18 am in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Parents give her emotional pain(1) Will she complete her degrees(2) when parents stop giving her grief (3) how her married life will be?
  • As per your details native born in Libra ascendant, Lagna lord Venus is with Mercury, Sun & Rahu in 11 th house Leo, Guru and Kethu in 5 th place, Saturn in 7 th house, Mars Moon in 10 th house Cancer.
  • Lagna lord Venus is with Sun Rahu Mercury and seen by Guru Kethu. So this person is influenced by so many factors like father, friend and teacher.
  • She is an intellectual girl. She has an ardent interest in spiritual things, and she is performing religious austerities.
  • Her father is a very powerful person in society. He has high political influence & having a lot of secret affairs. He has secret enemies & disease
  • Her mother is a wealthy person & courageous. She owns a lot of lands.
  • Delayed marriage is possible for this person. He husband will be a wealthy person.
  • Now Mercury dhasa is starting. She will do her own business. She has bright full future in politics. She will begin her political career as a shadow politician.
  • She will complete her studies this year. After marriage parents will stop their intervene. Her marriage life will be happy for her.