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Shani_grahaSani Gayatri Mantra

Om Kakadwajaya Vidmahe

Khadga Hasthaya Dheemahi

Thanno Manda Prachodayath

Lord Sani Dev or Saturn is the planet that is being watched by all. Even those who doesn’t have faith on God will fear about Sanidev. That much he rule everyone. Now let us know about him. He is known as Karmaphala Dhatha. He is the planet who decides about the birth and death and the life as per their karma. His role is very important in our life.
He crosses one rasi(sign) in 2.5 years. In each Rasi he will cross in 2.5 years and give the Phala as per our karma. When he comes to the 12th place to our jenma rasi (From moon sign) it is known as viraya sthanam. There will be lost of expenses and we have to face deficiency during this period. Next he comes to the jenma rasi. This period health issues some will face. Then when he moves to the second place, it is known as pada Sani and that will be more tough period for many.
We are telling that Sanidev is a planet who doesn’t have mercy on anyone. But that is not the truth. He is giving us the result for the actions what we have done. He is always a honest Judge. He will never compromise with anything. When he comes to the 8th place, he will give lot of twist in one’s life. During that period, one may face either problems equal to death or will lose all is wealth or sometime will land into the very worst situation. (but all these are according to their karma, the seed that we have sown during out past jenmas). In puranas we have story that even Lord Parameshwara suffered due to the Sanidev judgement.
Saturn will see three houses with his 3,7,10 eyeglance. His Dasa period is for 19 years. He will give poverty or land the people in problem and through that will teach the life lesson. He is black in colour and he is the master for Iron.
Without his graces we can’t do anything in our life. To run factories his grace is must. He is the head for physically challenged persons, orphans, and old people. He is the ruler of nervous system and in our body foot is his place. Employees category will come under his rule only. If we do service and satisfy them, Sanidev will be satisfied and will bless and grace us. Only two person escaped from the Sanidev judgement. They are Lots Ganesha (Who is considered for jnana) and Lord Hanuman (Who is considered for his sincere duty). This symbolically shows that Sanidev will not harm those who do their duty with full dedication in the path of dharma and who always wish to mingle with the Oneness. In short True Sannyasis’ and Karma Yogis’ are not affected by Lord Sanidev.

Now let us see the Phala of Sanidev in the house where he sit in the horoscope.

1st place = When he is in the jenma or 1st place, there will be health problems they will be too lazy and most selfish people.

2nd place = Income will not be in a flourishing way and they will sacrifice themselves for the family.

3rd place = Victory, name and fame and helping nature they will possess.

4th place = Have to face lot of hurdles and the health of mother will be affected.

5th place = Delay in issues, will be affected by memory lose and low intellect and their generation will also get affected due to low intellect.

6th place = Nervous system will be affected , Victory and also problems from employees side.

7th place = Delayed in marriage and no interest in marriage life, always will feel sad and sometimes very late marriage.

8th place = No peace of mind, lot of troubles, enemies and their life will be equal to death.

9th place = No smooth relationship with father and delay in getting his property.

10th place = Will be slaves to some one. There is also a chance of becoming the leader.

11th place = Will get profit through employees. Will get wealth from many ways. Simple saying others will work for these people and give profit to them.

12th place = Will move from their birth place, debts problems and employees will also create problem to them.

(All the above are general Phala. We have to take into account other planets for accuracy)

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