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Which are the good and bad placements of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope?


1st rahu spoils the character

2nd rahu spoils the studies

3rd rahu gives victory by dirty tricks

4th rahu affects health of mother

5th rahu gives fame but obstacles in getting kids. Somebody gets stillborn kid.

6th rahu gives secret disease.

7th rahu makes life partner as unsatisfactory.

8th rahu gives bad incidents like accidents

9th rahu affects health of father

10th rahu makes business magnate but in illegal way.

11th rahu gives lot of wealth but in illegal way.

12th rahu gives expenses in bad ways.


1st ketu gives detachment & spiritual thoughts

2nd ketu gives separation with family

3rd ketu makes separation & conflicts with siblings & friends.

4th ketu gives conflicts or separation with mother

5th ketu gives wisdom but no kids

6th ketu gives Mental depression

7th ketu makes life partner detachment in family life

8th ketu gives Bad thoughts like suicide.

9th ketu gives separation & conflicts with father.

10th ketu gives no interests in business or job. Some one leave their jobs.

11th ketu gives benefits from Maternal father.

12th ketu gives expenses by litigation or separation.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~