Clear all your Doubts

My predictions cover all houses,
Important dashas and your questions.

Next Rahu Kethu transition will be on Taurus and scorpio signs.

For aries people :-

Rahu will be on second place so will give unexpected income. You will get benefits from family members & foreign contacts.

Kethu will be on eighth place so will cause severe health issues. Somebody will get fear of longevity. So have to pray Lord Ganesh & Karthikeya.

For Taurus people :_

Native will get successful career. Foreign trips will give benefit. You will earn lot of money during this period.

At the same time native will have lot of troubles and misunderstanding with his life partner. Somebody will think about separation.

For Gemini people:-

Unexpected expenses, business losses, foreign trips, troubles from friends circle.

Health will be affected with no reason. Even doctors can’t find what’s going in your mind.

For cancer people :-

Rahu will be in 11 th place so native will get lot of benefits & income by various sources. Foreign trips will be more useful to them.

Have issues with kids. Unmarried people will have breakup in this period.

For Leo people :-

Will have lot of business contacts and elaborate their circle. New partners will bring success.

Health of mother will be affected. So should take care of mother.

For Virgo people :-

Rahu gives successful career. Foreign trips will be useful. Will get wealth of paternal grandfather.

Kethu gives spiritual interest. Have some issues in ear, nose parts.

Libra people :-

Heavy business losses, failure in business coz of 8 th Rahu. Better to avoid foreign trips.

2 nd Kethu gives chaos in family life. You will struggle for leading family. Your income will be reduced or stopped.

Scorpio people :-

Will get married or will get secret affairs coz of 7 th Rahu. Your life partner will be wealthy & have strong love feelings.

Kethu gives lesser love feelings, detachment in material life & spiritual aspirations.

Sagittarius people :-

Rahu will makes secret enemies, health issues especially virus infection. So take care of your health.

Kethu will gives unexpected expense.

Capricorn people :-

Will start new career, will get new contacts & love affair. You will get popularity & political influence coz of 5 th Rahu.

11 th Kethu will affect the businesses benefits.

For Aquarius people :-

Will affect the health of mother.

You will face lot of issues in your career. Better to avoid to start new businesses.

For pisces people :-

You will taste the success. Unexpected wealth, support from your friend circle, new contacts you will have. Foreign trips & Contact will be useful.

Health of father will be affected or you will have separation with him.

Clear all your Doubts

My predictions cover all houses,
Important dashas and your questions.

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