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Aries (Mesha) Ascendant

Those who are born in this  ascendant are named for their bravery. They are named for courage. This year in December Saturn transits from Virchiga (Scorpio) to Dhanusu (Sagittarius) . For the past 2&1/2 years those who have born in this rasi have suffered lot due to the sani place in the 8th place of your rasi. Now he is moving from 8th place to 9th place which is a favorable place to you. All the bad experiences that have been faced by you will be changed into the brightest future path from now onwards. Good fortune is ahead for the Mesha (Aries) Rasi persons.

The financial position will improve, the family problems will be settled and the bank balance will increase. Any health problems that have been faced during the previous years will be cured and you  will be feeling very healthy and young than your original age.

Many will start their own New Business. Expected transfer will come and will settle well in life soon.

Many will get opportunities to fulfill their Pilgrimage wishes and will have sacred dips in the sacred rivers and oceans.

Businessmen and Working People

For the past Two and Half years there will be many loss both in financial manner and in the personal respect.  You have suffered a lot and those who are working under you have teased you and rubbed in wrong manner and spoiled your name. Now the scene will be changed gradually.  The loss will be chance into profit and your respect will be gained back and your senior upgrade officers will recognize your work and appreciate you.


Students of this rasi have been suffered a lot for the past Two and half years in their studies. They have been struggling to earn good marks although they did hard work in their studies. Many have worried about their future why they have selected such a course and have planned to discontinue their education that much they have been suffered. Now they will earn good marks and will prove themselves.


In short the past few years in your life is described as a battle field and even some have gone out from their family. Now the situation will be changed. Peace will come back in the family, so you will be relaxed from your family tensions and worries.

General awareness

Some may have to be very caution in the health of their father and his side relationship. There is a chance for problems in this side.

The relationship with the younger brothers and sisters will not be in that much level. Some may get difference of opinions with them.

In settling the old debts we should be very careful and it should be legalized, otherwise problems will rise.

Some may get problems from the servant side and colleagues.


Every Saturday you should take your food, after keep the food to crow.

On Saturdays should pray to Lord Sani.

Worship of Lord Ganesha and Hanuman is considered as very auspicious.

Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~