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The persons who are born in cancer (Kadaka) sign will have excellent thinking capacity. Their imagination power and forecasting will be in a very high-class manner when the moon in their horoscope is in very good position.

Now Saturn moves from the fifth place to the sixth place. The problems you faced through your children and for your kids will be changed completely. You will get a great relief and your worries about them will be settled down. Those who suffered from stomach problem will get the remedy and that will also be cured.

Now you will get the remedy for your problems in a smooth way as your thinking and forecasting power will shine now in an excellent manner. Many good things will happen soon to you in a surprising manner.

Businessmen and Job goers

You will get the expected profit now if you plan well and do the business. Utilise this period in a nice way.

Many will get promotion in your job with good salary hike. Your value will in the increase in your job and many will get new job opportunities up to their satisfaction.


The problems that you have faced regarding your kids, properties will now get settled. There will be again peace in your family.


For the past two and half years due to your poor memory, you have lost many things. But now the situation is favorable to you. With excellent memory power, you will win in your field.


Worship of Lord Ganesha and Sani Bhagavan is the must.
Note this is applicable for Cancer ascendant also.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~