Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~

Those who are born in this sign will believe in their work. They will never hesitate to work hard. Now Saturn is coming to 12th place, so there will be lot of expenditure waiting for you. If you turn them in wisely you will do something good and save some portion of your income and savings.There will be unnecessary change in places regarding your job and sometimes regarding performing your work with some bad experience. So be careful.

Business men and Job goers

Avoid starting new business. Don’t go for any new loans. The profit will not be in a satisfactory manner. So be double careful. Check with your workers and partners regarding their work, otherwise unnecessary damage will be caused from both side. Try to settle the old dues whenever you get funds. This will avoid lot of problems.

You will get either change of job or transfer. Promotion may get postponed. Be cautiou with you colleagues.


There will be uncertainty situations in the family. Confusion will be there. To overcome this silence is the best medicine.


Some may change their schools, they will not get interest on studies. Praying to Lord Hyaghreeva will give you the strength to pass.


Giving good to crows, good to disable and clothes to them is must.pray Lord Sani Dev and help the poor students for their education will support you to get good signs


Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~