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Those who are born in this sign will be very much famous for their intelligence and sharpness. Now the Saturn is moving from the 6th place to 7th place for you. There will not be any big changes for you. It will be mostly as same as previous years.

During this period you will get good news. Good alliance will come and many of the Gemini sign people will get married as per their expectations and wishes. Some may get transfer in their job. The main aspect is you should be very careful with your life partner health. There is a change of getting affected. So give proper medical aids in the beginning itself.

Business man & Employees:

There will be a moderate situation. You can’t expect either very big hike. It will be OK. But in partnership you have to be very very caution.

There will a smooth going in working places, if you don’t involve in any groupism.


Be caution in the health of the life partner. Some may have to face the health issues of their mother. Father side relationship may sometimes trouble you. Marriage will be fixed for those who are seeking alliance. Many will have a pilgrimage.


Interest on studies will be get diverted. Have to give proper concentration on studies.


Worship of Lord Ganesha and Hanuman is necessary

Have to go to Vishnu Temple to overcome the obstrucles.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~