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Those who are born in this sign will be straight forward and will always have a commending capacity. They will be very particular in their focusing point.
The Saturn in now crossing your own house. This will be hard when compared to previous years experience. Some may get health problems. There will be always an empty space of feeling within yourself. Will feel that this life is useless. So you have to pray more with your Kula Guru. He alone will change this situation.

Business men and Job goers

The past experience in the business will give you a fear to proceed further in business. You need not worry for that, if you think properly and clam way, you will succeed.
In your working place, you would have faced some unwanted situations. You will not be rewarded for your honesty. Now this situation will change in favour to you. You will be honoured.


The family life will be affected with lot of confusion running in your mind as well as in the relationship. So it is better to postpone the marriage proposal now.


The health will be affected. So some may think of discontinuing of their studies. There will be a fear which cannot be disclosed and will think of negative aspects more. You should not worry for this and get vexed. Full encouragement will help the students and they will pass on first rank. For this worship of Lord Hyaghreeva is very much importance.


Worship of Lord Sani Dev and doing parayana of Bhagavad Gita will give strength both physically and mentally.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~