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Those who are born in this sign is for ruling others and will be very brave. When Sun in their horoscope is in good position they will rule the world. That much power they will have.
As the Saturn moves to the fifth place you should be very careful regarding your kids and health issues. You have to maintain always a strict record in your activities, otherwise your name will be spoiled. There is a chance of slipping away from the path. You may get stomach related problems.
At the same time as the Saturn is coming to the Poorva punya sthanam, you will get good things by praying to your Kula devatha.

Business men and Job goers

You have to face the risk regarding judicial matters . So be careful before signing any documents. Some may face problems in labour side.
The promotion will be postponed and the colleagues may play negative role towards you. So always do your work and be cautious.


You have to work hard. You may not able to concentrate because of lack of grasping power and poor memory. Some may deviate from their education and fell in love and get bad names. Be careful. Praying on fullmoon day to Maa Saraswati will give you memory power.


Family members will not co.operate with you, so you have to handle with care, otherwise it will become a battlefield. Concentration should be given more to kids and their health. Stomach related problems you may have to face. Some may get married by opposing the family members and will do love marriage.


Worshipping Sani Bhagavan and doing Pradhosha Pooja will give you relief.
For kids do Guru Pooja. That will reduce your burden

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~