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Those who are born in Pisces sign are very talented like fish. You will work in the way which is always favourable to your wish. The Saturn is now going to the tenth place from the ninth place. This tenth place is called as karmaplace. In past 2&1/2 years you would have faced health problems to your father and also some problems from his side family members. Some would have the opportunity of Punya Kshetra Yatraa.
The Saturn now sure will change the working environment or the job itself for many.

Business men and working persons

Business men should be very careful in the business. They may face problems regarding partners and workers side. Partners may drop them into some bad experiences. Sometimes the partnership may get broken. Those who wish to start new business should wait for next 2&1/2 years and if they start now they may get profit after this period only. Avoiding of Partnership is always best in business now.

Those who are working as employees should wait for their promotion or incremental benefits. That time is not favourable now.


Due to very moderate situation in income, there arise family problems. Some problems will come from your mother side relationship and money will be spent for them unnecessarily. The health of your mother will be affected so take care of her. Some may sell their ancestors properties. There will be difference of opinion with husband and wife. So have to adjust for smooth relationship.


Students have to take more efforts to pass in examinations. The family situation will affect the studies, so be alert. Those who are studying in 10th and 12th should concentrate more on studies to get the expected good results. So don’t be careless or playful. The college students after their hard effort will pass and will also get a job. Even though it will not upto your expectations, now adjust with that job. You will get a good opportunity after this period of time.


Worshipping of Lord Sani Dev and doing Pradhosha Pooja will be very effective.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~