Saturn transit 2017 Scorpio (Viruchiga)

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Those who are born in this sign are named for their brave and also for arrogant. For past five years you are suffering lot. Now you will get some breathing path. This 2&1/2 years is the last phase of 7&1/2 Saturn period for you. There will be some improvement in both financial level and in your health. You will get some good transfer in your job and will see a path for your future.

Business men and Job goers

The situation in your business level will change. The losses will be reduced and the pending amount will come to your hands. Long term relationship will again come into existence. But you should be very careful in given words to anyone. If not you will land into a big problem.
Job opportunities will knock you. Your expected transfers will come in your job and the arrear payments and promotions will also come to you. You should not unnecessarily interfer in others matters. This is help you to maintain a good record about you in your working place.


For next 2&1/2 years you should be very flexible with your family. Avoid talking unwanted and unnecessary words. This will keep the family united. Some may settle the ancestors properties from their mother’s side and will get a portion of it.


Students have to work very hard to get their expected results. To get 100% marks, they have to work for 300%. No diversion from your studies and system of life style.


If the running dasa is favour as per your horoscope, then the percentage of the effects will change and will show good signs. Every Saturday give food to crow. Donate clothes for disabled and needy. Also donate seemsan seeds. Worship Lord Sani Dev and Ganesha

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~

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