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Taurus ascendant

Those who are born in this moon sign will always prefer high class life style. Now Saturn is moving from the 7 th place to 8th place for your Sign. So it is the period for you to be very very careful in your words, health, wealth, job and in relationship with family members, friends and with colleagues. At the same time you should be careful with your sub ordinates and servants.

Otherwise you will be cheated and lose your name and prestige in the society and with your all relationship.

But there is a remedy when Guru Transit occurs after 1 year. That period will be a great breathing period for you.

Business men and Job goers :
Those who are doing own business should not expand and invest fund in any field unnecessary. Partners should be careful and should not give gurantee to anyone. To avoid loses, you have to be very careful in all financial transactions.

Subordinates will cheat and will put all blames on your work. So always hold your tounge and concentration should be with your work alone and should not involve in others matters.


Students should concentrate on both health and studies. You should work hard. Hard work and prayers alone will help you to pass your exams. Without these both you cannot win in your studies. Avoiding of classes should be avoided otherwise there is a chance of terminating you from your educational institutions. Your carrier will be affected. So be double careful and concentrate whole heartedly in studies


Unless otherwise you adjust with your family members the peace in the family will be collapsed. Even though you are correct , others will not support you. So make sure yourself that you are not involving unnecessary in any matters. Silence alone will help you to move smoothly.


Give food and clothes to orpans , poor people and do charity to disables.

Every Saturday eat food after keeping some sweet to crow.

Should chant Bilvastagam daily and should offer Bilva leaves to Lord Shiva whenever possible.

As Saturn (Sani) is known as Karmaphala giver, he will not only give only sorrows, but also give happiness and joy as per their Horoscope. If in one’s horoscope Sani is in good place then they will be safeguarded by Sani Dev.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~