Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~

Those who are born in this sign will be very much brilliant in maths and will have a taste in art. Now Saturn moves to the fourth place to you. This is not that much good for you. In past years you would have enjoyed lot of benefits due to Saturn. But now you have to be more careful. Otherwise there will be lose to you.Some may suffer from the litigation in their ancestors properties. Financial loses will be there. Health of your mother will be affected.

Business men and Job goers

In business, you have to be more calculative. This will help you to reduce your loses. There will be fluctuations in the business. Regarding loans, unless otherwise you control yourself, you will land in big trouble. Workers should be watched.

The relationship with your colleagues should be maintained with a distance. If you show too much of thickness with all, it will affect you both in your job and personal life.


The health will be affected, so your concentration on education will reduce. To overcome this do Surya Namaskaram daily.


The health condition of your mother will bring you lot of worries. She will be affected. There is a possibility for litigation in the ancestors properties. Don’t go for buying any properties through loans. If you buy like that, you will lose everything including your savings. So be double careful.


Worshipping of Lord Vishnu on Saturday by lighting lamps will be powerful.


Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~