Hai ,

This is your chart

You born in Capricorn ascendant. Lagna lord Sani is in 11 th house and seeing lagna by his third view. So you are always having good health ,wealth & longevity.

7 th lord Moon is in 8 th place and 7 th house placed by 8 th lord sun and 6 th &11 th lord Mercury. This is the reason for breakup .

Mars dhasa was till the end of 2013. Mars is in 12 th place . So mars gives separation, losses, insults & unexpected expenses. You should not have done your marriage during this period. Its the main reason for break up.

Now Rahu dhasa is running.From February 2021 mercury antar dhasa will starts. This is the right for your marriage. You will get married again.

All the best.