• Sun is the ascendant lord & getting exaltation in 9th Aries. Moon is the lord of 12th house, and Mars is the lord of 4 & 9th houses and Mars is in own house, Aries. Saturn is the lord of 6th & 7th lord and getting Neecha panga Raj yoga in Aries.
  • If the native is male, surely he has enmity with his siblings. He will face legal issues regarding his family assets & lands. Family assets will be lost or squandered by native. Native father has severe health issues & he too has enmity with his siblings. Native has separation or conflicts with his father. And has blood-related issues or heart-related issues. Late marriage is possible. He can get a government job.
  • If the native is female sure her married life will be affected. She has an older person as a husband, or he has severe health issues. She can’t get any marital pleasure from her husband & she will live as a saint. Her father is also having health issues. She has legal issues regarding her family assets & husband’s property. Her husband is a wealthy person & may have a government job. She can also get a government job.
  • Then Sade sati. First 2 1/2 years will not give any negative things, but it gives a lot of unexpected expenses. But next 2 1/2 years will give crucial things. Father’s health will be in the worst condition. Husband’s is also having severe health issues. Legal issues & a lot of trouble in a job will occur. Following 2 1/2 years will give some relief.
    All the best