Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~

As per your details you born in Gemini ascendant, Sun Venus Mercury and Saturn in 6 th house scorpio.

For Gemini people Venus is for 5 th & 12 th Lord, Mercury is Lagna Lord and fourth Lord, Sun is third house Lord, Saturn is 8th & 9th House lord.

First thing is native will face severe health issues from childhood. He will be surrounded by negative thoughts mostly. He will faces lot failures and insulation. Love relationships will be ended with separation

Native has enmity with his father. He may have litigation regarding family assets. His family assets or ancestral properties are under in loan or legal issues. So native will be affected by mental depression.

If native is female she will take care of her health. She has strong hurdles in getting of kids.

If native is male she will get illness person as his wife otherwise he will gets legal issues or separation with her. Generally it will affect the martial pleasure and wife also.

In Saturn dhasa own antar dhasa native will have legal issues with family members or father’s relatives. If he do own business he will faces huge losses. Native will borrow loan for his needs. If he has love affair it will be ended with separation. He may have problems in nervous system.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~