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As per your details native born in Taurus ascendant, Mercury, Rahu, Venus, Sun and moon in 7 th House.

7 th House indicates marriage life, life partner, sexual pleasure, business partner and inner parts of human body.

Venus is the Lord of Lagna and sixth house, Mercury is the Lord of 2&5.Moon is the Lord of 3 rd House and Sun is the Lord of 4th house.

So native has faced lot of issues in Marred life. Life partner will be adamant. So native may get lesser pleasure from his life partner. This is the reason behind the breaking. Some of these people will get married twice or more than it.

This combination gives extra marital affairs with multiple partners. Native will not be satisfied with life partner.

If native is female she has adamancny. She will be an independent person and not allowed her husband to dominat.

If native is Male he has lot of affairs with multiple partners. This is worst combination to male.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~