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As per your details you born in Cancer ascendant, 7 Lord Sani in his own house, and exalted Venus in 9 the house.

Generally, Saturn delays marriage in 7 the house. So native will get married after 30. The native will have a life partner who has more maturity than his age. A life partner may have some physical illness or laziness. She will walk slowly. Native has lesser sexual feelings so he will not focus on conjugal pleasure.

Venus is also in 9 th house and got a view of Sani from 7 th place.

If the native is male he will get a wealthy wife as his life partner. But she may have some health issues or having older look. Sometimes his wife will be elder than the native. His wife also having good maturity.

If a native is female she is born in a wealthy family. She has lesser feelings so it may affect her family life. She will focus on spiritual life mostly.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~