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US president election is going to be held in November 3.

This is the horoscope of November 3.

If we look at the position of planets, Sun-Venus is in libra, Kethu is Scorpio, Guru in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, Mars in Pisces, Moon Rahu in Taurus.

Star is Rohini (Moon), afternoon it will go to Mirugashirsha(Mars) star.

Now we are going to analyze the horoscope of Donald Trump.

He is born in Leo, so he is a very aggressive, independent, courageous, and dominant person. He has all abilities to rule. He will never give up his efforts and will fight in the field till his last breath. That’s the nature of Leo.

Mars is in Lagna so his adamancy is increased. Guru in second place so he will speak from the heart. Will call spade as a spade. Venus Saturn is in 12 nd place so he has faced lot of troubles in family life and business. Especially with women. Mercury in 11 th place makes him a perfect businessman and gives marketing skills.

Moon Kethu combination gives a lot of losses and up & downs. His career is like a roller-coaster. He has faced severe psychological issues.

10 Sun Rahu gives amazing political power to him. Its a very rare planet position. He will achieve more than all political personalities.

Next, we are going to see the horoscope, Joe Biden

He born in Scorpio ascendant. Sun-Venus are in Lagna. So he is always having strong political influences.

Lagna Lord in 12 th place and exchange his house with Venus. So his efforts will not give 100% benefits to him. He can only get 50 %.

He is also having 4 th Kethu 10 th Rahu. He has moon in sixth place. So he is also having psychological problems. Saturn in Seventh place makes him laziest person.

9th Guru gives amazing knowledge to him.

So horoscope wise both are having same mindset.

If we look the past 90 years US election history whenever Saturn travelled in its own house there was a victory of Democratic party. Coz Saturn indicated that common people, social reformation, social revolution and political gaining of Labourers. So party wise Democratic party is more ahead from Republic party. Sure most of African people will support them.

Mars Rahu Sun are indicating the power, aggression, war mindset, dominant mindset, economically strong people, rich people and who wants to rule the whole world. So Republican party has this type of mindset as per astrological view. So most of traditional people, businesses tycoon and traders will support them.

Another think we have to see that the Rahu indicated the external forces.

External forces or influences indicate Israel, Russia, India and China.

Now India has strong position in the world according to astrology. So next US president will be the friendly person of India.

Another side as I mentioned in another article China has very very worst period for two more years. China will faces severe internal issues and attacked by external forces. So according to China’s horoscope next US president will have enmity with China. Already Trump will maintain distance and conflict with China.

Another interesting matter is Kamala Harris. This is her horoscope.

According to her horoscope she will not have any success for next two years. Coz she has Guru in 12 th place. Guru is for law and justice. But she has some black marks in her judicial career. Another thing is Mars in second place. If she speaks it will go against of party. Such bad words and provocative words will be used by the persons who are having Mars in Second place. Its not good for politicians.

If we compare her horoscope with president nominee Jeo bidden its fully against of him. Gemini ascendant and Scorpio ascendant are having crucial enmity themselves. So propaganda will not go smoothly.

So Kamala Harris is the biggest burden and trouble maker to Joe bidden.

Conclusion :-

Even though party wise Democratic has many advantages but it will not enough to defeat Trump.

Trump has lot of advantages as per his horoscope. Guru in 5 th place and seeing Lagna, Rahu in 10 th place, Moon in 10 th place, Sun in 3rd place with Neechapanga raj yoga.

So he will surely win in election and elected as US president once again. But margin level will be very very low.

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