Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~

This is the birth chart of 2021.

Kanya Lagna, Sun Mercury are in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer, Guru Sani in capricorn, Mars in Aries, Rahu in Taurus, Kethu in Scorpio.

As per the position of planets this new year will gives some relief to all of us.

Covid19 will be ended soon. Vaccine for Covid19 will successfully be injected to more than 60% of people from January 14 to February 14. So no need to worry about it.

Lot of kids will born. They have strong karma.

For students this new year is going to be successful one. Government will assist to you. You can get all support from government.

Import export business will get regain slightly. Indian share market will hit lifetime high. Lot of foreign investment will flow in our share markets especially from Saudi. So my suggestion is its the right time to invest in share markets.

At the same time investors should avoid banking sector, defence sector, automobile sector, real estate sector.

Real Estate field is going to really tough so better you avoid it in 2021.

If you are not interested in share market you can buy government bonds. Otherwise you can invest in gold. In 2022 gold is going to hit historical high.

Insurance field and service sector will get 200% growth. New laws will be enacted in favour of this sector. Overall our economy will be better than previous year.

We can expect some concessions in budget. Taxes will be reduced.

Textile industries will start to breathe. Export orders will be normal only.

Unexpected growth in steel industry and paint companies.

Agriculture field will be tough. Rainfall will makes damages in many part of coastal areas.

Government should handle carefully the protesters who are against of New agricultural bill.

Indian government should avoid to buy new weapons for one year Coz money or credibility will be lost. At the same time have to be double careful in selling of weapons to other countries.

Film industry will gets gaining. Middle aged actors or divorced actors will get fame.

Its not good time for spiritual leaders. One of prominent spiritual leader will be affected by severe health issues. Lot of people started to follow spiritualism. In Western countries new type of religion will be emerged.

Spiritual tourism and medical tourism will increase in India.

Long waited cases will comes to end. 2 G case verdict will be announced this year. It may makes great impact in Elections. Sabari mala verdict may be come.

New political leaders will emerge especially from student wing. New political party will be floated (rebell Congress leaders).

Mamta thithi will announces the next leader of TMC in the end of 2021.

All the best.

Images :- astro sage kundali.

Simple 3 questions prediction starting just Rs 149/~