Full Question: Why I am facing a great difficulty in finding a husband and this has put me and my family in depression. When will I get married. My DOB is 25/09/1988; 6:30pm, Bhagalpur?

  • You born in Pisces ascendant. Lagna lord Guru in 3 rd place, Venus is in 5 th place, Kethu in 6 th, Sun in seventh place, mercury is in 8 th place,Saturn in 10 th , Rahu in 12 th, Mars Moon are in Lagna.
  • Mars Moon are giving courageous, perseverance, healthy body & will power.But you have stubborn, arrogant too.
  • Your seventh Place is surrounded by Mars ,Moon , Sun , Saturn & Guru. Seventh lord is in 8 th place is adverse for marriage life. Seventh place is having links of Mars Saturn Sun
  • Moon & Guru. This is the reason for delay of your marriage.
  • Now Mercury dhasa Guru antar dhasa is running till March 2019. This is the right time for getting married. Love marriage is possible.